Geosupply count with drilling rigs with sample recuperation oriented to services for mining companies, of exploration and civil works that requires drilling services from surface to underground mining labors, without restriction of angle and 1.000 to 1.300 meters depth.     Aditional can be included water hole services, catering supplies like boxes, trays, sample core cut, niton XL3t service, photography of samples, samples preparation, services of sending, reception and chemical & physical tests, geological mapping services, geotechnical, topography and desviation measurement on terrain, and others.

Geosupply counts with dotation of qualified personal to satisfy the operational needs of the terrain and accessories, parts, and sistems stocks, able to resolute different kind and conditions of rocks to drill.

Also count with an accurate roster of professionals and technicians, associated to attend requirements in the support actities to drilling services, prevention of occupational hazards, environmental management, engineering, geology, hydrogeology, land surveys and logistic between others.

The organization of the personal in labor dedicated to a continual drilling operation of 24 hours, distributed in 12 hours shifts that´s composed of the following job titles:

  • Legal representative  – Lucila Lúgaro Collado
  • Operation Manager  – Leopoldo Martínez Harfagar
  • Operation Manager  – Leopoldo Martínez Lúgaro
  • Labor Supervisors
  • Account manager
  • Part time assessor in prevention of occupation hazards and environmental management
  • Department of Oil hydraulic mechanics and three – phase electricity, count with two permanent mechanics to supply different emergencies inherent to the drilling process in labors, 24 hours a day.
  • Qualified drilling rigs operators
  • Drilling rigs assistants with experience
  • Services drivers for water and oil.

The Company

Bellavista Parcela 17 Sitio 11, La Serena, Chile.

Fono / Fax: +56 051 2 578 749

Leopoldo Martínez Hárfagar: +56 9 9703 3169

Leopoldo Martínez Lúgaro: +56 9 4254 8780 / /

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